Secret Tips to boost PC performance

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One of the common question that all system lovers are asking is “why my system is slow”, yeah we all know it happens because of system configuration, but users which are using high configured system also facing same issue. How to resolve such issues or do we have any tips to boost PC performance.

Common Performance issues are obtained because of prolonged usages of PC, like we do maintenance on our vehicle, we have to do some maintenance in our computer to obtain its performance

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Tips to boost PC performance

Here we are sharing all the possible way to boost your pc. Just follow these tips and hope you will be able to speed up your pc performance. If After following these tips your pc is not boost up the you must to set cpu priority to prefer foreground apps to speed up your pc performance. If you dont have any idea how to do that then dont worry, we will provide a link, where you will be get full tutorial to set cpu priority to foreground apps.  Also check this video to get another few tips to boost up your pc.

* Defragmentation:-

One of the major performance degrade issue obtained in system due to fragmentation. It’s obtained while we copy, paste or delete any files, this tends to create disk fragmentation (empty / blanks spaces in disk obtained when the files are deleted.). Windows provide us a utility called defragmenter tool for solving such issues, follow below steps,

  1. Press windows + R key, then Run dialog box will popped up.
  2. Type “dfrgui“ and press enter to open defragmenter tool
  3. Select the respective drive that you want to check fragmentation and click Analyze button.
  4. You can able to see a message if selected disk fragmented, then click on “defragment disk”

*  Remove virus and malware’s:

We will be discussing about malwares on our next post, we have to use efficient anti-virus in order to rid of such malwares. System behavior as idol for sometimes it happens mostly because of malwares (malicious programs).

Make Drive space free

Memory places a key role in system performance, so try to all unwanted files and folders from recycle bin. Software’s in OS are using a temp folder for saving temp files throughout each and every operation. However this files are remains as unused and occupy system space, we can free this folder by deleting the files. Below are the steps,

1. Press windows key + R, then Run dialog box will popped up.
2. Type “%temp%” and press enter
3. Select all files and press shift + Del button to delete all temp files permanently

While deleting some message as popped as some application using those files, just skip those files to complete the operation.

Remove unwanted startup programs

If your system takes long time for boot up, it may because of startup programs. Try to disable unwanted startup programs, we can control such startup program through system configuration tool, follow below steps,

1. Press windows key + R, to open run dialog
2. Type “msconfig” and press enter, then system configuration tool pop up will open
3. Select startup tab from the pop up, then select unwanted startup programs and click disable button.

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