How to play PS2 games on PC or Laptop

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Do you like gaming ? if yes then this post is specially for you, i am also like you a Gamer boy. I have played many games on PC like Gta, Nfs, Saints row, Red dead redemption, they all are best but with time they get old.We cant play them for long time because we get bored.We all know about PS(Play station)Series best gaming devices till now, we love to play games on play station. Many user cant afford  them or many doesnt want to spend extra money for gaming only. Why are paying extra if you can play those Play station games on your PC ?

So you are ready to play Those wonderful games on your PC. I will tell you about the Emulator PCSX2 which have main role in playing PS2 games on PC. It is one of best and free Emulator which is used to play PS2 games on PC, Linux, Mac. So lets start the Process:

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How to play PS2 games on PC

1.First step is to download Emulator PCSX2.

2.While installing it will ask you some option which looks like image given below:

If you have good speed net connection you should check all options or if you have slow speed net connection uncheck last option Direct Web Setup (because it takes time to download), and download on windows it later manually.

3.Now it is time to Download BIOS for your emulator.

4.After installing Emulator Successfully go to documents there will be a folder named as PCSX2.

5.Rename the PCSX2 folder to PCSX299 (you can give it any name because name doesnt matter here).

6.In my documents Create a new folder with name PCSX2

7.Now extract the file (with Winrar or 7Zip) to Desktop.

8.After extracting Copy the BIOS folder to PCSX2 folder which you have created earlier.

9.Now move the folder PCSX2 to PCSX299 (the folder renamed by you earlier).

10.Now start the PCSX2 program on your Desktop.

11.After starting it will ask you for first time configuration like Image below:

1.GS-Gsdx 5864

2.PAD-lilypad svn for(for playing games with keybord)

3.SPU2-spu-X r5830 (for sound)

4.CDVD-Linuz iso dvd (game running method)

5.USB-usb null driver r5822 0.70

6.FW-FW null driver r5822 0.70

7.DEV9-Dev9 null driver r5822 0.50

May be you have not the same option like this because of different system configuration. Anyways you can change them later also.

12.After this it will ask you for BIOS rom Plugin like Below:

Give it path where you have placed BIOS folder earlier (In my case it as C:\Users\GARRY\Documents\PCSX288\PCSX2\bios).

13.Now you have to choose Console choose as your wish, after finishing it will take you starting window of PCSX2 which looks like the image given below:

14.if you are using XBOX or PS3 Controller connect it to PC and it will automatically get the controls but if you are using Keyboard and mouse you have to configure it.

Go to Config>>Controllers(PAD)>>Plugin settings>>PAD1>>

In order to play game you have to setup basic buttons of Controller  like Select, Start, Triangle, Cross, Square, L1, L2, etc. to configure this first select like square button in Pad1 section after then click your keyboard button which you want connect with square function.

15.To play game go to CDVD>>iso selector>>Browse now select the game which is in .ISo format click ok, after this click on system>>Boot Cdvd(full or fast)  thats all.

You can even play android game on PC , clash of clans is the most trending game in android , now you can get clash of clans for pc download it from here.

From where to get the .ISO games ?

1.if you prefer you can buy game DVDs and make image of that DVD that is  ISO file which you want.

2.the second and best method is to download ISO files from torrents.

Some important tips

1.If dont know much about this dont mess with audio and video settings because Restoring setting does not work.

2.All the performance depends upon your system and game to game sometime.

3.Have high graphic card which supports DX10+ then take full advantage of it, Go to config>>video>>plugin Setting and always select Hardware render.

Also see this video:


After following this article you can play wonderful Play station 2 games on your Windows PC or Laptop without spending a single penny on any gaming device. if you have any tips or problem tell us by commenting in comment section below.

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