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In this article I am going to tell how to Increase Internal memory of Android. Everyone knows that Android is the most popular OS these days, In Play store there is plenty of useful apps Top 10 Android Apps Every User Must Have but some user cannot use many apps together because of Low Internal memory Specially in old Android phones. Now you can Increase Internal Memory of Android by using SD card , In other words you can use SD card as Internal memory of your Android phone.


  1. Your Phone/Tablet Must be Rooted.
  2. Clockwork Mode Recovery Installed on Your Device.
  3. Download and Install Link2SDApp from Google Play Store.
  4. SD Card (obviously)
  5. Partitioned SD card, Below this point I have created step to step guide How to Partition Your memory card in just 4 easy steps.


(i) First of all Switch off your Mobile and boot into Recovery by using any Method.

(ii) Use Volume keys for Navigation Up/down (In mostly cases Touch does not works in Recovery Mode) and select Advance option in Recovery.

(iii) In Advance select partition SD card, select ext Size According to your Requirement but keep in mind it should be less than the Size of your memory card.

(iv) It will take a little time to partition your SD card and after getting successful message, reboot your device.


  1. Open Link2SD app Which you have recently installed, a pop-up will appear for Superuser permission click on Grant.
  2. Now it will ask you Choose file system of Second Partition of SD card, Select EXT2 format.
  3. After choosing format it will ask you to Reboot your device , Now reboot your device.
  4. After Rebooting, open Link2SD again ChooseFilter>Internal.
  5. There is List of all Apps installed on your Internal memory of Your device.
  6. Now choose Multi-select from the options, select the apps you want to move on newly created Internal memory.
  7. Select option and then select Create link , Select all three options Link application file, Link dalvik cache files, Link library files and then press ok.
  8. Give it time for creating link , after creating link press ok now your selected apps are moved to newly created partition.
  9. For Automation click select options and go to settings tick Auto link, now it will Automatically move your new apps to this Partition. You can check the Storage info in Option Storage info like this.

If you face any problem while you are going to Increase Internal memory of Android , make sure to comment below your prob will be solved. if you wanna give us any suggestion comment below in comment section.

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